We are web developers on a mission, e-commerce crusaders, audio streamers on a quest,
designers searching for solutions that will supersede your wishes and
translators that will elevate your business to the next level.

We offer several services from various areas of business.


Website Package

We’ll create, host and design websites that will push your business forward.
We’ll do that with dedication, passion and a lot of coffee!
Be seen, get connected.


eCommerce Package

Step up into the world of eCommerce. Select a shop of your choice and market your products. Lay back and enjoy the power of Abacuzz online marketplace.
Sell, sell, SOLD!


Web Radio Package

Don’t whisper, get an Abacuzz web radio stream package that suits your needs and broadcast to the World. Use the power of Abacuzz web radio hosting, Centova Cast and SHOUTcast.
Let them hear YOU!


Design Package

Everything needs a little brilliance! Tell us your wishes. Maybe you need a logo or a short commercial video? Use the creativity of Abacuzz and our experience in Adobe Creative Cloud® products.
Let your publications SHINE!


Translation Package

Expand your business beyond borders. Tell us where you want to go and we’ll do the ABC transformation of your website or any other document.
Let them understand you!


Print Package

Boost your marketing. Share your business cards, flyers or folders, posters or banners, roll ups or beach flags, T-Shirts or many more things…
You name it, we’ll print it!

Discover Abacuzz | Become an Abacizzt

Centuries ago there was a time when numbers did not exist. It wasn’t easy to keep track or count until Abacuzz emerged underneath the Hanging Gardens of ancient Babylon.

Few professionals from different areas of expertise came together like the beads on Abacuzz to form our team devoted to providing the most reliable solutions and best services you can always count on.

Before Abacuzz emerged people used fingers, twigs and pebbles for counting and that was pretty tiring and even annoying. Finding the right combination of professionals to realize your web presentation in a way you wish can be just like that .

Time is an asset so we firmly believe that providing best services in one place is the right answer. Share your visions and wishes with us and let us do all the work.

An Abacuzz used to be made of various materials that often turned out to be a burden rather than help, until somewhere underneath the shadows of the Great Wall of China it was perfected to a form that lasts even today.

We take pride in our work cause we love what we do. Our mission is to transform your specific needs and wishes into the best professional solution for your business. Everything you need from web development and web radio streaming over graphic design and e-commerce to print materials and translation services.

Over time Abacuzz become the most reliable tool anybody can always count on. Even centuries later people still relay on it.

We would like you to think of us as an extension of your team. Introduce us to your business and let us become your right hand. Use Abacuzz, become an Abacizzt and count on us.

Professional Tools | Good reasons for best results

Craftsmen are as good as their tools. That’s the reason why we at Abacuzz decided to use only the best software to do our job!
Here is a small overview of what we are working with:

Adobe Illustrator®

Adobe Illustrator

Perfect software for creating vector graphics

Adobe Photoshop®

Adobe Photoshop

Perfect Software for creating brilliant images

Adobe After Effects®

Adobe After Effects

Create professional animations.

Adobe Acrobat Pro ®

Adobe Acrobat Pro

Perfect electronic documents.

Adobe Lightroom®

Adobe Lightroom

Perfect finish for images.

Adobe Premiere®

Adobe Premiere

Create professional videos.



Best CMS for us.



Best plugin to build shops and marketplaces.

Adobe Dreamweaver®

Adobe Dreamweaver

Best site management for html, css & php.

Centova Cast®

Centova Cast

Best administration system for radio streams.



World wide network for radio stations.

Mobile Apps©

Mobile Apps

Mobile with iOS and Android.

…and many tools more

Professional Partners | Our Network for Your Success

Abacuzz: Professional Network World-Wide

Abacuzz Shares The Power
Of A Big Network To Enhance Your Success!

Interested in becoming an Abacizzt?

Contact us | Just pick up the phone or send us an eMail.